Maximilian Le Cain’s latest feature Whale Skull is now available to stream.

I am now available for commissioned projects. If you have a music video or other project that would benefit from my singular filmmaking style, please contact me at

One of the loudest and most exciting new voices in experimental cinema of our time” – Nikola Gocic, Film Panic

Most of my editing work is done at night. These works I make are nocturnal.

My culture is cinema, including experimental film. There is cinema and what is called ‘reality’. There is the body, mine in this instance, and then there is the night. There are limits, failures and overwhelming sensations. Sound, image, silence: oblivion. It is at the obscure intersection of all these that I jot down my audio-visual sketches. Perhaps a bid to reconcile these elements? More likely, simply a place to exist with accuracy. Movement on the cusp of exhaustion and decay, creation in a time when every film has been made. But the energy persists and the images keep moving, moving in darkness, ceaselessly linking the body and the night in a multitude of shifting rhythms.

–  Maximilian Le Cain