Operation Rewrite

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Operation Rewrite is a project by Esperanza Collado & Maximilian Le Cain.

The subject of Operation Rewrite is cinematic montage, its interruptions, associations and sometimes-surprising mutations. The concept of ‘cinema’ it examines is subject to constant re-assessment, embracing perception and projection technology as much as the articulation of signs.

Operation Rewrite began in January 2011 as an online video project in which both artists posted a number of 45-second videos made according to a set of rules, most importantly that one-third of each video should be black screen. However, Operation Rewrite soon boiled over into the production of 16mm films, videos, installations, performances, an artist’s book, a photo-blog and a constantly evolving series of exhibitions.

Previous Operation Rewrite events:

Exhibition at a.a. LEVE arts space, Castro de Cepeda, León, Spain (September 2011)

Exhibition & Intervention, Instituto Cervantes, Dublin, Ireland (October 2011)

Performance (‘Feather Mirror’) & Exhibition, Cork Film Centre Gallery, Cork, Ireland (May 2012)

Performance (‘Manila Sand Trap’), The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland (October 2012)

Performance (‘Threaded Cocktail’), Xcentric, Barcelona, Spain (January 2013)

Performance (‘While John Was Dreaming’), MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla León), León, Spain (September 2013)

Performance (‘A Piece of Broken Mirror Suspended on a String’), Tabakalera, San Sebastian, Spain (June 2014)

Performance (‘Exterior, Night’) with Dean Kavanagh taking the place of an absent Maximilian Le Cain, Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran, Iran (September 2015)

The creation of this project was made possible by an Art Production Grant from MUSAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla León.